Meet Oak!


Behind the camera taking these adorable photos of little Oak is the thrilled PAWS team, happy to be able to say that Oak is healthy, blossoming, and ready to find her forever home. 

When she came to PAWS, Oak was clearly not feeling well and spent most of her day hiding and nervous. Today when you walk past her room she meows for attention, leans in to your pets, and comes further out of her shell each and every day. Oak reminds us constantly of the impact that stability and love can have on our pets, and her polite little meows bring a smile to each passing face. 

The forever family who adopts Oak will not only get to see this sweet little face every day, but will have the opportunity to watch her grow into a confident and affectionate cat whose painful early days have drifted into a long passed memory. 


Female, DSH, 2 month old kitten

Brown tabby

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventative

Good with cats: yes

Good with dogs: unknown

Good with kids: older children

Home environment: quiet-active 

Adoption fee: $50, $75 if adopted in a pair with another kitten