Pet of the Week

Presley, A natural born   Best Friend

Adoptable Presley is currently in training to learn to harness her enthusiasm, but we wanted to take a moment to tell you a few things she’s already an expert at.

Presley is the perfect driving buddy. Whether you are just running errands, or exploring together on a cross country road trip, Presley will sit peacefully at your side, head resting on your leg. Content to travel the world with you, Presley only interrupts the peace every once in a while to kiss you on the cheek, and then returns to her copilot seat.

Presley already knows how to make you feel irreplaceable. No dog will welcome you with more gusto, hug you more sweetly, or remind you how important you are to them better than Presley will. Presley’s people will be her whole world, and she will never let them feel alone.

A goofball at heart, Presley is an expert of physical comedy, still growing into her legs and stumbling through childhood. Perfectly clumsy and joyful, Presley will fall will style and have you belly laughing along with her.

Self control can be trained, but the ability to anticipate your needs, love you unconditionally, and bring joy to daily life cannot. And with these traits, the traits of a true best friend, Presley needs no training at all.

Available for Adoption

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