Meet Jonathan, an adorable and lovable dog who just can’t get enough affection! Jonathan is a mixed breed with a short coat and a charming personality that will steal your heart. Jonathan loves nothing more than being touched, petted, and cuddled by his human friends. He craves affection and attention, and he’ll happily curl up in your lap for hours on end.

Jonathan is a young dog, full of energy and curiosity. He loves to explore his surroundings and play with toys, especially those that squeak or bounce. He’s also a big fan of treats, and he’s always eager to learn new tricks or commands. Training is new to Jonathan but we have found that he is a quick learner, and he responds well to positive reinforcement training methods. While he enjoys playtime and cuddles, Jonathan also knows how to relax and enjoy some downtime and he’ll keep you company during quiet moments.

About Me
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