Donations are the lifeblood of the PAWS organization and enable us to continue serving the animals and families of Coronado. Donations to PAWS fund many essential animal services, and for Jessie donations provided for life-saving behavioral training. After intensive rehabilitation Jessie has a second chance at life, a life she now enjoys everyday as a loving family pet.


Though we have a passionate staff of animal advocates, many of PAWS’ essential operations are enabled through the hard work of our devoted volunteer network. Accomplishing everything from animal care to youth mentorship, our volunteers impact not only the animals of PAWS but our entire Coronado community. Long time volunteer Kim facilitates the adoption of every pet that comes through PAWS by providing each with captivating profile photos.

PAWS Featured Heroes 

Austin Burks

PAWS Volunteer

Austin serves both the cats and dogs of PAWS with heart and passion. He is known among his peers for always being willing to find a way to squeeze in an extra shift if a pet is in need. In addition to being a critical component of our volunteer team, Austin has also become a PAWS parent to his rescued cat, Sox.

The Women of Covenant Living


During the COVID-19 crisis, the women of Covenant Living at Mount Miguel handmade over thirty pillows to provide comfort to the cats and dogs housed at PAWS or Coronado. A more comfortable home for our pets while we are caring for them is of the highest priority for the staff and volunteers of PAWS, and the generosity of these woman will help to facilitate that.