Summer is almost over and PAWS of Coronado is excited to host another fun-filled summer camp, happening August 12-15th at the Coronado Animal Care Facility (1395 First Street).  There are 4 fun-filled days planned, with one 3-hour session offered (8:30-11:30 AM SESSION ONLY), designed to engage children ages 8-13 in hands-on activities that foster compassion and responsible pet ownership.  With a focus on animal welfare and education, camp participants will have the opportunity to interact with our animals under the guidance of experienced & trained staff.  Throughout the camp, they will learn about the needs of different animals (specifically dogs, cats, and small animals), how to provide basic care and the importance of love for our furry friends, and what PAWS of Coronado provides to our community.  Activities will include feeding, cleaning, grooming, enrichment, training, medical care, and more!

“Our team is dedicated to creating impactful programs that resonate deeply with our community,” affirmed Jennifer Stein, Sr. Manager of Fund Development. “Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to advance our mission of fostering compassion and empathy towards animals while ensuring their well-being and protection for generations to come.”

For more information about “PAWS Days of Summer” or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our summer camp, please contact Jennifer Stein @