Ronan came to us as a stray in August 2023, and we all fell in love with him! We characterized Ronan as a happy-go-lucky goofy little guy. He was stoked on playing with tennis balls and hangin with the caretakers in the yard. We were so excited when he met his forever family! It looks like Ronan is having an absolute blast with his new family: going to the pumpkin patch, havin’ a puppacino, and having some hiking adventures! We’re so happy!

Ronan’s new family says “We can’t thank PAWS of Coronado enough for introducing us to Ronan. He’s easily become our best friend and our forever companion. We cannot wait to give him the life he deserves!”

Bruce and Clark

Clark and Bruce, previously known as Squash and Croissant, arrived at our facility in November of this past year as young kittens. After some much-needed TLC in foster care, Clark and Bruce were adopted in early February. As you can see by these incredibly adorable photos, Clark and Bruce have been absolutely loving all of the time they’ve spent bonding with each other and with their wonderful family in their forever home.
Clark and Bruce’s family tells us:
“We are overjoyed to have the boys in our lives and provide them with a forever home. They both live up to their namesakes. Clark likes to bolt at full speed across the house and use his keen sense of smell whenever he detects a new scent. Bruce will spring from the shadows and corners, catching us by surprise. They are absolutely best friends. They have an incredible sense of shared curiosity, boundless energy, and they love to relax together. Clark loves to play and Bruce loves belly rubs. We look forward to many years of happiness with them.”


Cora was brought into our care in late February 2022 after being found abandoned on the streets of Coronado. We weren’t entirely sure about her past, but we could see that she was timid around people to start, but underneath it all, she is an absolute sweetheart who warms up quickly after some time to bond. After spending a few weeks with her foster family, Cora went home to her forever family in mid-March. She has spent the past few months thriving with her people, and we are so happy for her!
Cora’s family tells us:
“Cora became part of the family right away. She is a happy go lucky, very affectionate girl and is happy in just about every situation. She loves children, and our grandkids love her. She and our 12 year old dog Gracie have bonded and are BFFs. Cora wakes us up every morning at sunrise with kisses and snuggles. Cora has already been on several camping trips. She has camped in the desert, the mountains and central California coast. We are so happy to have Cora in our family. Thank you PAWS for rescuing her. We feel she has always been with us.”


Mocha arrived at our facility in early November 2021 after she was found wandering around the streets of Coronado. Mocha had to wait very patiently for her adoption journey to start, as she was in critical need of some extra TLC from our veterinary staff. Well, as you can see by these adorable photos, Mocha has been living the life of her dreams since being adopted at the end of January.
Mocha’s family tells us:
“Mocha is simply the best dog we could have asked for and the perfect fit with our family. She was timid at first and it’s been an honor watching her blossom in the few months we’ve had her. She now loves going on walks, playing in our yard, cuddles on the couch, short and long car rides, and trips to the beach. While our young kids are high energy, she handles them with grace and gentleness, checking in on them when they are upset or sleeping by their doors at night. She’s been the perfect work-from-home buddy and a great playmate for our kids – our whole family has been thriving with her addition to our pack.”


Shuri, previously known as Barley, was brought to our facility in September of 2020 at just 12 weeks old when she was found abandoned near the Hotel Del. After just about two weeks in our care, Shuri was adopted by her forever family. Since her adoption, Shuri has gone on many fun adventures, trips to the beach, and even welcomed a new baby sister into the family!
Shuri’s family tells us:
“Shuri came into our home full of energy and happiness. We were lucky to have come across such a positive soul. Shuri LOVES exploring, whether it’s the beach, a new hike, or just down the block. She also loves napping, especially after a hike. And this year she has become a big “sister” to our new baby. She is WONDERFUL with her and loves licking her toes. Shuri is the best puppy we could have asked for.”

Cleo and Isis

Cleo and Isis arrived at our facility in June of 2017 as very young kittens and were known as Babe and Ruth during their time at PAWS. Since their adoption in October of 2017, Cleo and Isis have spent the past four and a half years bonding with each other and their humans and loving every second of it.
Cleo and Isis’ family tells us:
“Cleo (b&w) and Isis (all black) are such sweethearts! They love chasing each other around the house, being my alarm clock every morning, helping me with work, snuggling in the sunshine, and bringing my husband and I gifts of their favorite toys in the middle of the night! We brought them home about 4 1/2 years ago, and it still sometimes seems like they are brand new to us, as they keep surprising us with new tricks and chatter! But other times, it feels we’ve always had them in our hearts – We can’t imagine life without them!”


CocoPuff is here to kick off our first ever Guinea Pig WHW! CocoPuff, previously known as Cocoa, was adopted just a few weeks ago. She’s been spending lots of quality time bonding with her Guinea Pig sister and her awesome forever family! CocoPuff is here to remind everyone that Buster the Rabbit and Maybe the Guinea Pig are still available for adoption and looking for forever homes!
CocoPuff’s family tells us:
“Cocoa, who is now CocoPuff, joins our family. Her new big sister, Ana the guinea pig, is happy to have a friend again! She has a doggie big brother Hank, and two human siblings , Hadley (6) and Dempsey (1). We are happy to have CocoPuff, we’re sure she’ll be loved on and have a great life here!”


Brandy brings us back to November of 2017 when she was first brought to our facility as a stray. She was adopted just a few days before Christmas Day of that same year. Brandy has spent the past 4 years living an incredible life with her loving forever family, and we couldn’t be happier for her!
Brandy’s family tells us:
“Brandy came into our lives four years ago at Christmas when her dad Pete saw her in the “Adopt-a-Pet” section of the Coronado news. Since then, she has become the center of our family. Brandy’s perfect day would consist of a long walk – preferably to the park, sunbathing, dog bed time, lots of pets & treats and a “puppy patty” from In-n-Out.”


Odin was brought to our facility in early July of 2021 after he was found abandoned and wandering the streets of Coronado. When our staff first met Odin, it was clear that he didn’t experience proper medical care in his life before PAWS and required some extra TLC before he could start his adoption journey. After a bit of patience, Odin met his forever family in October and has been absolutely loving all of the cuddles, attention, and treats he’s been given for the past 3 months!
Odin’s family tells us:
“Odin, also affectionately nicknamed Odie Bear, Puppy Bear, Bubba, and Goober, was known at PAWS for his laidback attitude, but it has been the most fulfilling experience to watch him come out of his shell! He is happiest when both of his parents are home and within his paw’s reach (or feeding him!), and loves to play with his toys, especially his indestructible tennis ball.”