Meet Presley!


Female, 10mo, Shepherd Puppy

Trained on a muzzle, head lead, and in continuing leash and obedience training

Transitional training will be provided by PAWS to her adoptive family

Presley will need to be the only pet in her forever home

65lbs, Estimated 70-80lbs when fully grown

Spayed, Fully Vaccinated, Microchipped

Mostly Housetrained

Would do best in a home without small children


Presley is still looking for her forever home and has been for three months. Not for lack of charm, but because Presley’s forever home will need to be a special one, she just has not found the perfect fit yet. I would like to tell you a bit more about her, as I feel a special kinship with her and see her unlimited potential.

Presley is a goofy puppy in an extra tall body. Frequently caught tripping over her legs, chasing her tail, or generally derping around, she is irresistibly goofy and will always keep you laughing. A fetch enthusiast, Presley will chase a ball until she cannot possibly take another step and loves her tennis balls so much that she rarely sets them down unless she needs a drink, and even then, she only drops them right in the water bowl next to her as she sips. Despite the drive to play, Presley’s primary motivator is her people, who she waits anxiously to see each day, and with whom she considers herself to be a perfectly sized lapdog. As dedicated as she is to play, so she is to being your companion, and she loves cuddling or chewing a bone on your lap.

Now about that perfect fit. Presley will need to be the only pet in her home and will need to walk with a leash or muzzle- both of which she has been trained to use. Presley has been working diligently to learn puppy skills like calming her body and being gentle with her mouth (both in a board-and-train program and now at PAWS). She has made excellent progress, but her size and youth may make it difficult for her to live with small children unless her family is extra dog savvy.