Meet Dove!

What Dove really needs is a friend. 

The mother of our available Cattle Dog puppies, Dove arrived at PAWS with her three girls and it is clear to us that they have been her only concern for months. As just a young pup herself, the last season of Dove’s life consisted of trying to provide for and protect her puppies in a sea of uncertainty.

The world outside her small room seems entirely new to Dove and can be overwhelming. With patience and kindness, Dove warms to visitors and leans on them for support as she explores new environments. Beneath her caution is a puppy’s spirited curiosity, and a sweet soul ready for the opportunity to enjoy life with worry free stability. 

When we say she needs a friend, we mean a fierce forever friend. A friend who offers protection, who will be her guide through the world, show her love and patience as she grows, and invest in the pursuit of Dove’s happiness. For that forever friend Dove will be loyal, loving, and equally devoted, and for that friend the true Dove will be revealed. 


Female, 2 year old, Cattle Dog mix

Medium sized dog, 41lbs, fully grown


New to exploring outside and leash walking

Tentative and Shy, but very friendly once comfortable

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives 

Adoption Fee: $125