The polls are heating up!  Voting for the 2016 Canine Mayoral Election began on April 1st and continues until April 30th. The first tallies were posted on April 4th and Chief took no time taking the lead, bursting out of the gates with over 1,000 votes!!!  Chief, a recent PAWS adoptee, is handling his success with pride and shows no sign of letting up. The rest of the pack has been gaining on him ever since.  Bailey, the friendly giant, and Gracie, the photogenic doe eyed terrier mix, are right on his heels. The smaller pawliticians, Chloe, Eevee and Byron, were slow to start but enjoyed a boost in their numbers after a surge of support from the flower show voters. The 2016 Caninedates’ month long campaign efforts are truly paying off, but will someone run away with the lead?

The polls close Saturday April 30th at 11:59pm, don’t miss your chance! Vote for your favorite top dog, or underdog, this week!



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