Distance Volunteer Opportunities

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, PAWS is operating with limited volunteer support. Our volunteers are greatly missed. If you are interested in working with PAWS to fulfill our vision of ensuring that every animal has a safe and loving home, please review the socially-distanced opportunities listed here. To begin volunteering in a socially-distanced way email mikaela.boudreau@pawsofcoronado.org with your desired position! 

PAWS’ Facebook Marketplace

PAWS’ receives generous donations of new and high-quality pet supplies that exceed our own needs. In addition to passing on extra supplies to shelters/rescues in need, PAWS’ resells select items to generate additional funds for our essential animal care. We are looking for a volunteer to monitor our resale listings. 

Guest Writing

PAWS will be adding both educational and entertaining content to our website and social media accounts. Opportunities are available to guest write educational materials, guest shoot social media content, or share your love of rescued animals in any creative way you can think of! 

Animal Transportation

PAWS does much of the medical care provided to our pets in-house, but animals sometimes need transportation to surgeries or specialists. PAWS is looking for volunteers to transport animals back and forth to appointments when needed. Must be comfortable handling dogs and/or cats, transport vehicle provided. 

Volunteer with PAWS

Traditional volunteer opportunities are temporarily on hold due to continuing COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to see you all volunteering on site again as soon as possible, and will make an announcement when the volunteer application has reopened!

Dog Team Volunteers

-Dog Walking

-Special Behavior Team 

-Dog Adoption Team

Youth Volunteer Projects

-One-Time Service Projects

-Medical Career Exploration

-Volunteer Mentorship Program 

Cat Team Volunteers

-Cat Petting/Strolling 

-Special Needs Team 

-Cat Adoption Team

Facilities Volunteers


-Facility Beautification Projects