billy a senior cat for adoption needs a cat savvy person

You may be aware of Billy’s plight. His family gave him up because they are moving. Billy is 10 years old and they gave him a home since he was a kitten. It has been an extremely traumatic experience for Billy to lose his humans and his home and to be thrust into the shelter environment.

Billy was scared and for over a week, he did not eat. We were forced to give him sub-cutaneous fluids to keep him hydrated and to syringe feed him to make sure he was getting basic nourishment.

He settled in a bit and did start to eat on his own. But he is not thriving at the shelter. Although he is eating, he has lost almost four pounds since he arrived. That is quite a lot of weight to lose for a cat. The vet is worried that he may develop hepatic lipidosis. Hepatic lipidosis is commonly known as fatty liver and is one of the most common severe feline liver diseases in cats and can lead to death.

Billy is a sweet and quiet cat who loves pets. He doesn’t ask for much – a soft spot to sleep, a safe and loving home, pets and quality care. We believe that once Billy is in a loving home he will once again thrive.

He has been enrolled in our Lifetime Care Program where PAWS will be responsible for any and all medical needs and supplies. All we ask is that you give Billy a loving home for the rest of his life.

If you open your heart and home you will truly be saving this wonderful cat and in return he will give you unconditional loving feline companionship.

If you are interested in saving Billy, please call Bob at 619-840-9727.


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