Meet Tundra!


Male, Siberian Husky Mix

2 years old, 40lbs at his full adult size 


Knows basic commands but is new to leash walking and will need support with additional obedience training 

Friendly and Active 

Enthusiastic and engaged in play

Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, current on flea preventative  

Adoption fee: $125


The moment you meet Tundra it becomes clear that he is hovering on the brink of letting himself experience true happiness. While he cautiously approaches new people, he gives himself away with a stray wag of the tail or a gleam in his eye. Though he acts initially aloof, with a single toss of the tennis ball he will be bounding back to you will a wide grin. 

We imagine that in Tundra’s previous life this inherently goofy, loving pup was given a reason to treat people with hesitation. While his past has added a new level of discernment to his hello, it could not stifle his exuberant spirit. When given a few moments to feel safe in your presence he bursts out of his anxious shell and becomes the ball of joy and abandon he was meant to be. 

For the forever family willing to provide Tundra with a little love and security, we are certain that he will blossom into the carefree best friend that you have always wanted. 

Color Code: Purple

Purple dogs can be initially shy, but they warm up quickly and are full of personality. Carefree, engaging, and adaptive, purple dogs reward a little patience with a lifetime of love .