Meet Trixie!


Female, 2yo, Terrier Mix

Stray, found on the 700 block of C Ave 

House trained, new to leash walking but enjoys a good walk once she becomes comfortable with her surroundings

Trixie would do best in a home without small, active children. She initially needs patience and careful handling

Adoption Fee: $125


Trixie came to PAWS after being found running abroad in Coronado. After a quick bath to remove what turned out to be stolen kennel corn and some extra TLC, Trixie has become mutual best friends with our staff and volunteers. 

Trixie is dying to love everyone she meets, but first she needs to know that you are safe and kind. With a few special treats and a little patience, Trixie becomes comfortable with new people and transforms to be friendly and bright. With new people and surroundings Trixie is fearful, reactive to sound, and on guard for danger. As her confidence grows with her people and surroundings, she literally jumps for joy when she sees you, and is ready for loving pets. 

If you are looking to prove to Trixie that you will love her and keep her safe, she is ready to provide a lifetime of devoted companionship. 

Color Code: Blue

The introverted group, blue dogs need time to adapt as you work to form an everlasting bond together. They are bashful and timid, but if given the opportunity to become comfortable with you they are loyal and loving pets.