Meet Tobias!


 Intelligent and extremely social, Tobias’ days are always busy.

He fills his time with burrowing, chewing, and general scurrying, but makes sure to take multiple breaks for snacks and to chat with the girls in the pen next door. Never short of something to say, and a real social butterfly with other pigs, Tobias is the life of any guinea party and would be happiest with siblings. 

Learning to enjoy the company of people, Tobias is ready to find his forever home, and build a bond with you day by day and snack by snack. 


Male, mature adult guinea pig

Brown, orange & white

Would thrive in the company of other guinea pigs 

Needs a balanced diet consisting of timothy hay, pellets, bell pepper, leafy greens, and citrus fruit

Curious and bright

Adoption fee: $25