sleeping beauty sprinkles is looking for a foster home

Hi, my name is Sprinkles. I am a pretty kitty – I am deaf – I have epilepsy – I need a forever foster home…

Sprinkles has had quite a lot of trauma in her life for a young cat.

As with many white coated, blue-eyed cats, Sprinkles is deaf. The same gene defect that gives rise to the white fur and blue eyes also causes the degeneration of the auditory apparatus of the inner ear. This congenital deafness is noted by 3 to 4 weeks of age, the age at which newborn kittens normally are able to hear. So, for Sprinkles her loss of hearing is natural and she doesn’t know any different. Still, it is a challenge because she cannot protect herself against things that she cannot hear that could be dangerous to her. The positive is that loud noises don’t bother her like other cats, but the negative is that she startles easily if she doesn’t know you are there and reach for her.

Sprinkles next challenge came when her original owner administered a topical dog flea prevention medicine in error that caused her to have a seizure. According to her owner, it was the first seizure Sprinkles had ever had – a scary moment for the owner and for Sprinkles. Her owner did not have the resources to care for Sprinkles and relinquished her to us at the end of July 2016.

We quickly learned that Sprinkles first seizure was not an isolated incident and she was diagnosed with feline epilepsy – whether genetic or a result of the damage caused by the flea medicine we will never know. She was monitored until the vet made sure the dose of phenobarbital that she was on was working. Once stabilized, Sprinkles was quickly adopted in October of that year.

Unfortunately, Sprinkles new owner was not diligent about giving her the daily dose of phenobarbital and Sprinkles had a very serious seizure. The owner felt overwhelmed and brought Sprinkles back to us this past February. Once again, Sprinkles was monitored until the vet was sure she was stabilized and that the phenobarbital was working.

This time, it was agreed that PAWS would maintain responsibility for Sprinkles medical needs as related to her epilepsy and Sprinkles was enrolled in our Lifetime Care Program.

Sprinkles is a lovely cat – both in looks and personality and she really doesn’t ask for much. She loves a comfy bed in which she sleeps soundly, she likes interacting with people when she is awake and enjoys a good petting session, she can entertain herself with cat toys and she loves running up and down the hallway. It may seem like a simple life, but it suits Sprinkles just fine. But living this life in the shelter is not ideal and Sprinkles would really love to be in a loving home. Do you have room in your heart and family for Sprinkles? She will make a wonderful addition to your family. Come in and meet Sprinkles to see for yourself what a special girl she is.

If you have any questions not answered on our website, please call Bob at 619-840-9727.

sprinkles a blue eyed beauty is looking for a foster home


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