teo a handsome cat for adoption from paws of coronado

Some people refer to cats that test positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) as “special needs” cats. While they are healthy and live quite normal lives, this is a lifelong condition that has no cure.

FIV positive cats can test positive because they are exposed to the virus and are fighting it, because they are infected with the virus or because they have received a vaccine for FIV.

FIV is basically a virus whose presence has the potential to cause some weakening of a cats’ immune system. FIV is a slow-acting virus that may or may not gradually affect a cat’s immune system. It is passed through blood transfusions and through very serious penetrating bite wounds and mainly by stray intact male cats.

Diet, environment and lifestyle are all extra important for FIV+ cats. To help keep FIV+ cats healthy, they must be kept indoors and free from stress; they must be fed a high-quality grain-free diet; and they must get regular exams at the vet and be treated for any secondary medical problems as soon as they arise.

Right now at PAWS we have two FIV+ cats looking for their forever homes.

teo a cat for adoption from paws of coronado is handsome
Teo is a 1-1/2 year old, DSH, grey and white male cat with a winning personality. He is an intelligent cat who likes people, other cats and dogs. He is very interactive and comes to you when you call him looking to see what you are doing and what fun is next. He enjoys hanging out, and loves interactive playtime. Teo is a very sincere cat who looks you right in the eye when he has a question, wants something or wants to know what you are doing.

luna a brown tabby cat for adoption from paws of coronado

Luna is a one year old, DSH, brown tabby girl with a serene personality. She is always so calm and easy going and thoroughly enjoys pets. In fact, she has never ended a petting session on her own – we haven’t yet seen how long she will luxuriate in pets before she says she has had enough! It may be because she was a young momma cat, but Luna seems to take everything in stride adapting to new situations with ease.

These two delightful cats may be considered “special needs” because they test positive for FIV, but in the long run they are just two loving cats looking for that special someone to love them right back. Stop by the Coronado Animal Care Facility and meet Teo and Luna to see that their being special is not because of their FIV status.


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