foster monica a tortie cat at paws of coronado

In some cases, a cat is determined to be “special needs” for more than one reason. In Monica’s case, she is a senior cat with multiple medical issues.

Monica is 9 years old, is a full-figured gal (a bit over-weight), has damage to her lower spine that makes her gait a little awkward and chronic renal disease. Despite her conditions, the only health care she is given is Cosequin, a nutritional supplement to help maintain healthy joints.

Monica does not seem to care one bit about all that she has going on. She is a super affectionate cat who loves her human companions very much and the pets they offer. She will call out to people passing by and gets excited when someone stops in to spend time with her – quite the social butterfly is our Miss Monica. She is an intelligent cat and very inquisitive. In fact, she will follow you around so as not to miss anything.

Older cats like Monica are calmer and more affectionate and are often content to just relax in your company. In fact, Monica is just waiting to give someone warm companionship, devotion and love! Are you that special someone for this special cat?

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