Meet Shaggy!


Male, Terrier Mix, 1.5 years old

Currently 30lbs at most of his adult size

Needs support from his forever family as he learns basic obedience and leash manners

Would do best in a home with experienced dog owners, with no small children, and in a family who can match his active energy level

Bright and happy, with unmatched enthusiasm for life


Zoinks, this guy sure is ready for a home!

With his carefree demeanor, friendly nature, and passion for snacking, Shaggy would make his cartoon namesake proud.

Though he arrived at PAWS with no training to speak of, he is eager to please and a quick learner who has already begun to pick up basic commands. High energy, as most young terriers are, he will need consistent exercise and plenty of mental stimulation throughout his youthful years to be successful.

This canine Shaggy is looking for his human Scooby, a best friend to experience the daily highs and lows with, and to laugh their way through life beside him. Shaggy will make the perfect addition to any family who is willing to help him learn to harness his enthusiasm and who will teach him the rules of the road.

Color Code: Orange

This dog is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. The definition of outgoing, orange dogs can be described as bubbly, vibrant, and enthusiastic. An orange dog is an instant best friend!