Some Coronado residents will likely become ill due to COVID-19 and may need assistance caring for their pet(s).  In anticipation of this, PAWS and the Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF) are seeking people who are willing to temporarily foster a cat or dog in the coming days/weeks/months.  If you are a dog-savvy or cat-savvy person interested in helping a Coronado resident who is too ill to care for their pet, please submit our online foster application.

When an animal that needs temporary care arrives at the CACF, the PAWS Foster Team will review all submitted foster applications and place the animal with the applicant who is the best fit for him/her.  We will contact you to make the foster arrangements.  PAWS will provide food and any necessary medication for each fostered animal.

Please remember that according the American Veterinary Medical Association, there is no evidence to suggest that pets spread COVID-19 to humans.  For more info regarding COVID-19 and pets, please click here.

If you have questions regarding this foster program, please email

Thank you for your assistance!


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