Meet Sadie!


Female, Golden Retriever Mix

3 years old, 40 lbs, fully grown


New to leash walking, but polite on the leash

Will need support with basic obedience training, very food motivated

Would do best in a home without small children as her enthusiasm can lead to jumping

Can be easily overwhelmed by large dogs, but seems compatible with smaller dogs

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, current on flea preventative

Adoption fee: $125


Meet Sadie, your personal ball of sunshine.  

Equally obsessed with her people and her treats, Sadie is a retriever through and through. As evidenced by her youthful face and energy she has all the makings of a forever puppy, and like a pup she will need your guidance as she becomes comfortable with the world around her. 

Undeniably adorable with a permanent smile on her face, its impossible to be in Sadie’s company without her happiness spreading. Optimistic and trusting, Sadie will be by your side each day, trust you to guide her, and look to you for support when she finds herself unsure. 

Ready to be the jelly to your peanut butter, Sadie is looking for a family who is willing to reciprocate the loyalty, consistency, and unconditional love to her that she so willingly provides to others. 

Color Code: Orange

This dog is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. The definition of outgoing, orange dogs can be described as bubbly, vibrant, and enthusiastic. An orange dog is an instant best friend!