Fern a dilute calico cat for adoption and her catnip puff

Fern and her feline companion Willow were left behind when their family moved. A kindly neighbor took pity on the confused cats who were going door to door looking for food and brought them into the Coronado Animal Care Facility. That was on April 6, 2014.

Fern was estimated to be ten years old at the time – a senior cat with a little bit of attitude because of her ordeal and because she believed she deserved better. It is difficult to find people willing to adopt senior cats and so after a few months it was decided to enroll Fern in our Lifetime Care Foster Program. Fern went into her forever foster home on January 31, 2015 with one of our cat petter volunteers.

Fern blossomed in her new home. Her foster mom fell more and more in love with her and Fern was one happy cat.

There were some medical challenges over the years, the primary one being that Fern developed chronic renal failure. She was put on a prescription diet and her mom took the best care possible of her – Fern wanted for nothing.

Last week, Fern’s mom became concerned about Fern. Although she was eating fine and drinking, she had lost weight and muscle mass. Fern came in to the vet the next day and she had lost nearly 2 pounds in the three months since her last vet visit. A heart murmur was detected which could have come from significant dental disease. And she had a mass in her abdomen about the size of an egg. The quality of Fern’s life had deteriorated and she was in pain. The difficult decision was made to cross her on August 6th.

To really know Fern was to love her. She could be feisty at times, but that was okay. On the flip side, when she opened up to you she was loving and playful and soft. Fern was a complex and intelligent cat who understood what was going on around her.

We are forever thankful that she found a loving home to live out her life. Our sincere condolences go out to Fern’s foster mom and of course our eternal gratitude.



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