Meet Princess!


While we are pretty sure Princess is a Cattle Dog mix, we can’t one-hundred percent rule out the possibility that she is in fact a little bear cub in disguise.

While she is initially shy when she enters a new environment and may take a few weeks to become comfortable in her new home, once acclimated Princess is curious, social and engaging.

Princess enjoys heart-to-heart conversations with her humans, and is happiest when busy or by your side. Be it with puzzles, walks through the neighborhood, or tramping around the yard, Princess loves having something to do especially if she gets to do it with you. 

Quick to bond and an expert at bear hugs, Princess will make a diehard best friend and a true companion for her forever family. If you’re looking for a pup (or perhaps a young black bear) to join you in your active lifestyle, Princess is ready and willing. 


Female, 5 year old, Cattle Dog mix

Medium dog, 55lbs at her full adult size


Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, current on flea preventative

Affectionate and quick to bond

Adoption fee: $125

Color Code: Purple

Purple dogs can be initially shy, but they warm up quickly and are full of personality. Carefree, engaging, and adaptive, purple dogs reward a little patience with a lifetime of love .