PAWS of Coronado is reaching out to you, our friends and supporters, as many nonprofits are at this time of year. Tuesday, November 27th, is Giving Tuesday, a global day established in 2012 dedicated to giving back. We are asking you to consider making a donation to PAWS of Coronado in honor of Giving Tuesday to help us continue to care for the cats and dogs that come through the doors of the Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF).

Over 80% of the animals taken in by the CACF are strays.   Very often they are older and many have medical issues. Our veterinarian reminds us that age is not a disease. With that in mind, we will go the extra mile for these strays…. including doing blood work, dental work, x-rays, biopsies and surgeries as needed. Also, these animals often need special diets to get them ready for their forever homes. As you can imagine, our medical bills quite often exceed our income from adoptions and donations.


You may have read about SALVADOR, a large Mastiff/Great Dane mix. He was found in the front yard of a home at Star Park in Coronado. He represents the true meaning of a gentle giant. When he was posted for adoption on our website, we literally had requests from all over the country wanting to give him a home. Just as he was being adopted, his stomach twisted and he had to be rushed into surgery. His entire abdomen was opened, his stomach repositioned and tacked to the intestinal walls. He was in intensive care for nearly a week. Yes, we could have put him down, but he came to us after being abandoned! We were going to do all we could to help him. When our friends and supporters learned about this, we received donations from many of those people across the country that were interested in adopting him. He is now living happily in Carlsbad with his forever family that includes two other dogs.


Little BEN came to us with a severe heart condition. He is just a few months old. He is sweet and active… a normal puppy.   He is being fostered until he is old enough to have heart surgery.   Yes again we could have put this little one down, but we felt he deserved a chance at a long and healthy life.

So, how can you help? When you are planning your end of year tax-deductible donations, please consider PAWS of Coronado. Also, if you are considering an end of the year distribution from your IRA, you may be able to avoid paying taxes on the amount of the distribution going directly to PAWS.  Your tax preparer can advise you how to do this.

To Donate:

  • Donate securely on our website:
  • Mail a check payable to PAWS of Coronado to: PAWS of Coronado, P.O. Box 180956, Coronado, CA 92178

To those of you who have already made donations this year, we are deeply grateful for your continued support. PAWS would not be able to do what we do for the animals without your help.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting PAWS of Coronado.


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