**Double Your Pleasure with this Pawesome Pair**

Adorable bonded pair Angelica and Charity were found together wandering Coronado.   Angelica had a serious injury to her jaw, and Charity has been by her side encouraging her back to health.   Now these two sweeties are happy, healthy, and looking for their forever family.

·  When Angelica was brought into PAWS, she had a fractured jaw.   She has had surgery to repair it, and although it gives her a cute, slightly crooked smile, she has healed up nicely.

·  Charity was Angelica’s loyal companion during her recovery, and we would love to see them enjoy the rest of their lives together.

·  These affectionate girls are snuggle bugs with both their human friends and each other.

·  Both Angelica and Charity are house trained, easy on leash, and dog friendly.   These little ladies will be a fun and easy addition to any household!

Angelica’s Stats: Chihuahua Mix, female, DOB: September 2008, 13 pounds, shots up to date, spayed, microchipped, adoption fee $65

Charity’s Stats: Chihuahua/Pug (Chug), female, DOB: September 2016, 12 pounds, shots up to date, spayed, microchipped, adoption fee $125

Are you looking for a sweet and dynamic duo to complete your pack?   Come down to the Coronado Animal Care Facility today and meet Angelica and Charity!   If you have any questions, please contact the dog adoption team through the PAWS website or call Karen at 619-437-0220.   And please check out Angelica and Chairty’s profiles at http://www.pawsofcoronado.org/dogs-for-adoption/.



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