The PAWS Dog Adoption Team received this sweet update on Ranger, a recently adopted senior dog who had a difficult life prior to finding his forever home….

This is a note from Ranger with typing by Dad.  I am having fun in Seattle. The weather is great!  Lots of new places to explore.  I met two nice dogs who live on the same street.  We sniffed and no barking.  Mom and Dad carried me up and down these stairs many, many times.  Then one day I tried it.  Kind of scary at first – I went halfway and asked for help.  Next day?  No big deal.  Now I follow Mom up and down whenever I want.  Man, I love sitting on laps while my folks read.  Hours!  Mmmmm.  Can’t cuddle too much!

We take 2-3 walks a day that I enjoy.  Tail up and proud!  Not too long for an old guy either.  Just enough for pack time and doing my business. They are trying to call me Corey now as one of the nice neighbor dogs is named Ranger.  Honestly, what are the chances?

We’ll be back in Coronado this summer.  Hope you are well.  Hi to my friends at PAWS hotel!

Thanks for the pup-date, Ranger!


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