UPDATE:  Thank you for your kind support!  Due to the huge positive response, the Coronado Animal Care Facility is no longer adding names to the Yorkie Interest List.

Almost two months ago, the law enforcement arm of the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) made a seizure of approximately 180 Yorkies from a hoarding situation.  The SDHS has done a fantastic job placing the vast majority of these dogs into wonderful homes, but there are approximately 50 left with varying degrees of medical ailments.

The Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF) is associated with the SDHS through its work with the San Diego Coalition for Animal Welfare.  Last week the CACF took over the responsibility from the SDHS to care for and eventually find forever homes for five of these Yorkies.  Each has an ear infection that will take weeks to months to treat.  One of the dogs is black and tan, one is silver and tan and three are tri-color (also known as Parti Yorkies).  All are female and range in age from four to eight years old.  And, from the photos below, you can see that they just couldn’t be any cuter.

While we are not yet taking applications for the Yorkies’ adoptions, we are keeping track of who might be interested in providing one or more of these angels with their forever home, either when their ear infections have resolved, or while they are being treated if you are able to administer daily ear drops.  The CACF will pay for all food, medication, and appointments with our staff veterinarian during the treatment.

If you have a place in your heart for a dog that has been through more than we can imagine, and yet still loves and trusts humans, please call… to add your name to the “Yorkie Interest List.”  These dear little dogs deserve the best we all can give them.

Bunny – female, 8 yrs old, 3 pounds


Heidi – female, 5 yrs old, 4 pounds

Gypsy – female, 6 yrs old, 5 pounds


Gidget – female, 6 yrs old, 5 pounds

Flower – female, 4 yrs old, 6 pounds



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