Adoptions with Heart

Ethical Commitment to PAWS animals

· Each animal will be evaluated as an individual. Behavioral analysis, medical evaluations, and adoption recommendations will be based solely on the individual animal. .

· PAWS will follow all published and approved adoption protocols to ensure to the best of our ability that animals are placed into safe and stable homes where they will be loved and protected. 

· Each animal in our care will go through the same adoption process, undergoing medical and behavioral evaluations before being listed as available for adoption, and before any adopters are pursued.

· PAWS will do our best to educate potential adopters on how to successfully integrate the new animal into their home..

Ethical Commitment to Potential Adopters

· PAWS will respect the time and commitment of each adopter who places an application for a PAWS animal by responding promptly to their inquiry, informing them of the availability status of the animal, and proceeding with adoptions in the order applications were received..

· PAWS will not discriminate throughout the adoption process on the basis of age, race, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political ideology, or any other identity label. However, all adopters must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

· PAWS will fully disclose any medical or behavioral issues that have been identified with the animal as early as possible in the adoption process. .

PAWS Adoption Philopsophy

The Pacific Animal Welfare Society of Coronado (PAWS) is dedicated to ensuring that our adoption process is centered on being both compassionate and ethical. PAWS is committed to honoring each animal and adopter, while ensuring our animals are placed in a forever home that will match their medical and behavioral needs.

Compassion with PAWS Animals

· PAWS will handle our animals with love and care throughout their entire stay in the shelter, from admission to adoption. All interactions will be conducted compassionately, ensuring we do not subject an animal to harm or unnecessary stress.

· Finding a home that will be a perfect match for our animals is the central focus of every adoption, regardless of medical or behavioral concerns.

Compassion with Potential Adopters

· PAWS will treat each applicant with kindness and respect as we process their application, perform their adoption interviews, and help PAWS animals transition into their homes.

· PAWS will treat all human and animal members of each adopting party with the same compassion and care that we demonstrate for PAWS animals. PAWS will ensure their safety by strictly adhering to our introduction protocols (animal-human and animal-animal) without exception.

· All aspects of the potential adoption must be a good fit for an adoption to proceed, and PAWS will not place an animal in a home where they are not a good fit with all members of the adoptive family, including each pet