Meet Odin!


While his coat was built for the Tundra, Odin’s cool as a cucumber attitude and easygoing nature were made for Southern California living.

A gentle giant, Odin is rarely phased by anything and seems to just go with the flow as life travels by. His casual exterior will fade, however, in the presence of his two favorite things- treats and tennis balls- which bring out the playful puppy hiding inside.

Happy to travel from location to location throughout the day for a prime napping experience yet thrilled to get up and go when it’s time for a walk, Odin is truly just happy to be here.

Ready to find his forever family, Odin will serve in his forever home as a source of consistency, contentment, and a reminder to appreciate the gift that is living each and every day. Easy to please and even easier to love, Odin is ready to stroll casually into your home and heart.


Male, 7 years old, Husky

Large dog, 65 lbs, fully grown

Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives


Walks nicely on his leash

Tennis ball enthusiast

Warms up quickly

Adoption fee: $125

Color Code: Blue

The introverted group, blue dogs need time to adapt as you work to form an everlasting bond together. They are bashful and timid, but if given the opportunity to become comfortable with you they are loyal and loving pets.