cat for adoption and kitten for adoption inga and jimi love each other

Are they an odd couple or a match made in heaven? Whichever way you look at it, Inga and Jimi absolutely love each other!

These two felines have become fast and hard friends, fully enjoying each other’s company. As they sit together on the Kitty Cot, Inga gives Jimi a thorough bath, holding him down with a paw as she grooms every inch of his little kitten body. Jimi purrs throughout the entire bath and then snuggles in close. Satisfied that Jimi is clean, Inga then curls protectively around him and they share a very cozy cat nap.

One of our cat petter volunteers caught the action in this video and captured this touching image. Aren’t they just too precious together?

They have shown that they would make great feline companions – won’t you consider adopting these two delightful felines into your family?


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