Meet Nia!


Female, 1.5 years old

Shepherd mix, 42 lbs and fully grown


Spayed, Vaccinated, Microchipped

New to leash walking but has good leash manners

Initially shy, multiple pre-adoption meetings recommended

Adoption fee $125


Nia needs a gentle hand to guide her through the world. Young and spirited and dying to play, Nia holds back while she gets to know you, but explodes with personality once she knows she’s safe. 

On your first few meetings she may seem aloof and disinterested, but once she really knows you she becomes affectionate, a belly rub enthusiast, and and a playtime master. Nia has high hopes for a life where she can run, play and trust openly, but she needs to be shown that people are good, and can be a part of her joy. 

If you give her a steady foundation to lean on, Nia will follow adventurously through life right by your side. If you become her comforting friend, she will return your love tenfold. 

Color Code: Blue 

The introverted group, blue dogs need time to adapt as you work to form an everlasting bond together. They are bashful and timid, but if given the opportunity to become comfortable with you they are loyal and loving pets.