Meet Naomi!


Female, Terrier Mix

1 Year Old, 35lbs 

Found as a stray on 1st avenue near NASNI

Housetrained, learning to be comfortable and confident on her leash

Bonds quickly with her caretakers, and will need support navigating separation from them

Due to her initial shyness, Naomi should not be in a home with young children or a high energy dog


Naomi is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. All she wants to do is hangout right next to her people. Naomi loves walks and does not seem to be bothered by much that goes passing by her, as long as she can be walking with someone she trusts. Naomi’s favorite spot to relax is in her bed right next to you watching tv. She is always giving kisses, and absolutely loves belly rubs. She needs someone that is confident who will show her how to enjoy new adventures. She is the perfect companion for a very loving and caring household.

Color Code: Purple

Purple dogs can be initially shy, but they warm up quickly and are full of personality. Carefree, engaging, and adaptive, purple dogs reward a little patience with a lifetime of love.