Meet Bobbie & Motts

Happiness comes in twos…

Motts and Bobbie came to the Coronado Animal Care Facility when they were found in a box. These babies were raised by a foster family who made sure they received love and affection, and now, this dynamic duo is ready to share what they have learned.

These pals are kind, gentle and affectionate. Each has its own striking pattern of Tabby markings that allow us to tell them apart. They sit comfortably in your arms and seem to enjoy the human-feline connection. Playtime is always fun, while both enjoy the same activities.  When they are ready to relax, these good friends can be found snuggled together during their naps.  

Motts and Bobbie are a bonded pair, so we want them to continue their journey, side by side. Bobbie and Motts have had exposure to FeLV, and Motts is FeLV positive.  

The Cat Adoption Team is happy to answer any questions related to that disclosure. If you can find it in your heart to allow this charming duo a fresh start, they will reward you every day, two fold.



Female Kitten, Marbled/Blotched Tabby DSH

FeLV Positive


Male Kitten, Striped/Mackerel Tabby DSH

FeLV Exposed

Date of Birth – April 22, 2020, Neutered and Spayed, Microchip Implant, Dewormed, Updated Immunizations, Flea Preventative Applied, 

Adoption Fee -$75 for the pair

Good with kids: Older Children 

Good with cats: Must be the only felines in the household

Dogs: Lived with dogs while in foster care

Home environment: Moderate – Active