Meet Moe & Molly!

This sibling duo has brought work at PAWS to a halt.

Painfully cute, walking past Moe and Molly has brought every volunteer and staff member to an abrupt stop followed by uncontrollable “awww”s and a detour into their room. 

Both Moe and Molly are tentative when they first meet you, but with a few treats and some time outside their confidence blossoms and you will quickly have two best friends happy to run and play or climb up together into your lap for a cuddle. 

While Molly is more carefree and confident than quiet Moe, they remain the best of friends never more than a few feet apart. Like all young puppies they will need support as they perfect basic commands and leash behavior, but when it comes to making lifelong bonds they are already perfectly trained and ready to bring you into their pack. 

1 year old, bonded, miniature dachshunds

Spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives 

Moe: male, 9lbs

Molly: female, 9lbs

Will need support with basic puppy leash and obedience training 

Comfortable being held/carried 

Treat enthusiasts 

Adoption Fee: $200 together as a bonded pair