Our sweet, shy little Millie came to the Coronado Animal Care Facility (ACF) as a stray. Shortly after she arrived, a family who adopted a cat from us six years ago adopted Millie. They loved Millie but said if their cat was unhappy, they would not be able to keep her.

The cat was not at all happy with a dog in the house. At 9:00 the next morning, Millie was returned. While waiting for the ACF to open, Millie met a couple who saw her on our PAWS of Coronado website and had come to meet her. Before even entering the facility, that meeting in the parking lot was enough to convince the new parents that they wanted Millie.

After the home visit, the new parents came right away to take Millie to her forever home. Her new dad is going to school and is home with Millie most of the day; mom is serving in the Navy. Millie and her family came by the ACF a week after the adoption and we snapped this picture. They love Millie and she is so happy with her new, forever family!

Author: Karen Dwinell and the PAWS Dog Adoption Team

Photographer: Karen Dwinell



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