We simply cannot overstate the unbridled joy you’ll experience when coming home to Presley, after even the shortest time apart. Imagine coming home to this:  

The second she hears your key sliding into the lock, the wiggling begins. It probably starts at her tail, but in the split second it takes you to open the door, her whole body has joined the party. When you see her, she’s shimmying like a salsa dancer. Her eyes light up when you make eye contact, and she calls to you with a low whine. She approaches, pressing her body against your legs for maximum contact. She leans into you, radiating happiness. Now that you know what it’s like to reunite with her, her favorite place to sit probably won’t surprise you. Her volunteer friends report that after a nice game of fetch, her favorite place to plunk down is right in their laps, where she basks in their attention. Perfectly clumsy and joyful, Presley will have you belly laughing more than you thought possible.

Presley’s friends also tell us she’s a great driving buddy. Whether you are just running errands or exploring together on a road trip, Presley tends to sit peacefully at your side, head resting on your leg. Occasionally you’ll be treated to a kiss on the cheek before she returns to her copilot seat.

Presley is a dog who knows how to make you feel irreplaceable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dog who will welcome you with more gusto, hug you more sweetly, or remind you how important you are to them better than Presley will. Are you ready to be the whole world to this beautiful girl?

About Me

  • Estimated DOB: 4/8/20

  • Breed: German shepherd mix, 80lbs

  • Presley is treadmill trained (PAWS is able to provide a treadmill if needed)

  • She would love a yard to romp and play fetch

  •  She is quite the snuggler and loves hugs
  • Presley is spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccines and flea preventatives

  • Adoption fee: $150

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