Max and Mia

The unstoppable duo, Max and Mia! 

Max and Mia came into our care after their family member passed away. Max, a 12 year old Matlese who is deaf and blind, heavily relies on his sister Mia to guide him. Even with his age and disability Max is quite spry and enjoys going for daily walks with is sister. 
Mia, an 8.5 year old Chihuaha, is incredibly bonded to her brother. As if she knows that he needs assitnace navigating his surroundings shes also checking in and searching for him if he is not in sight. This senior duo is as sweet as can be and missing the comforts of life in a home. 

Microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives 

Mia: 8.5 years, 7 lbs, spayed

Max: 12 years, 6.2 lbs, unaltered

Max and Mia are a bonded pair and should be adopted together, both Max and Mia have heart murrors