Meet Mask Scara!

Villainously Cute

The mother of our soon to be available Powerpuff Girl kittens, sweet Mask Scara only had villain names available in keeping with our theme. After the great debate amongst the staff between Mojo Jojo and Mask Scara, her stunning lash-line landed this girl her name. 

Despite her devious namesake, Mask Scara is a gentle and friendly cat who still maintains her youthful drive to play. The nostalgia for the days of Powerpuffs is matched by the reminder of sweeter, carefree times that you will find when Mask Scara is in your lap. 

Ready to find her forever home, this superhero with a villains name will prove to you that she’s truly a tailor made best friend. 


Female, 2 year old, DSH

Grey tabby, 7lbs, fully grown

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventative

Good with cats: well matched kitties

Good with dogs: unknown 

Good with kids: yes 

Home environment: Quiet-Active

Adoption fee: $50