Meet Luke and Leia!

In a galaxy not so far away..

Adopt Luke and Leia, you shall. 

While the author of this bio is not well enough versed in Star Wars history for any witty wordplay, we will take a moment to make a few quick puns: “The force is strong with these ones.” “Adopt forever or do not, there is no try.”  “They need a new day, a new beginning.” And finally, “Luke, I will be your father”.

Star Wars aside, Luke and Leia are a sweet and loving bonded pair. Luke is able to better explore the world and interact with visitors at the side of his more confident sister, and they are rarely found more than a foot or so from each other’s sides. Curled up together each day like kittens, they a clearly meant to spend their lives together.

Although the bond between them is strong, there is room in their hearts for play, cuddles, and lifelong love for their perfect forever family. 


Bonded Pair

Luke, male, 2 years old, DSH

Leia, female, 1 year old, DSH

Spayed/Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventative

Good with cats: Only Each Other

Good with dogs: Unknown

Good with kids: Older children with experience handling cats

Home environment: Quiet-Active

Adoption fee: $75 as a bonded pair