Sweet and gentle Lola is searching for a forever family who will provide her with unconditional love as she continues to navigate the world around her.

While much of everyday life seems new to her, Lola approaches each day with optimism and curiosity, showing us that she is willing to trust, ready to learn, and open to giving herself a fresh start.

With patience and kindness, Lola warms up to visitors and leans on them for support as she explores new environments. Beneath her caution is spirited inquisitiveness and a sweet soul ready for the opportunity to enjoy life with worry-free stability.

The future is so bright for Lola, and her capacity to love is boundless. 


Female, 3 years old, Boxer Mix


Gentle on her leash

Large dog, 60lbs fully grown

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives

Adoption fee: $125

Color Code: Purple

Purple dogs can be initially shy, but they warm up quickly and are full of personality. Carefree, engaging, and adaptive, purple dogs reward a little patience with a lifetime of love.