Meet Lily!


Female, Mixed Breed Puppy

5 months old, 26 lbs, estimated to be 40-50lbs fully grown 


New to leash walking and will need support with standard puppy obedience training 

Spayed, Vaccinated, Microchipped, and up to date on Flea/Tick Preventative 

Adoption Fee: $175


Lily puts the “Super” in super-mutt, and is a uniquely wonderful combination of some of Dog’s best personality traits. Her ears, beard, and fluffy tail make her a one of a kind cutie and every day with Lily will be full of interesting conversation as we swear she speaks an entire language all her own.

Loyal, energetic, and loving, Lily is a dog for all but would do best with a forever family who can keep up with her above average activity level. Gentle and affectionate, Lily would be successful in a house with children, and would be comfortable in a home with another dog.

While we can’t begin to say if this girl is a retriever, shepherd, terrier, or some perfect combination of them all, we can say with complete confidence that she will put a smile on your face and remain by your side all her days long. Lily is ready to find her new pack and with a simple hello or the squeak of a toy you can have her heart forever.