Meet Lana!

Bold Lana is one of three young puppies who came to PAWS huddled together with their mother Dove. 

While the all-girl crew is similar in appearance and inseparable as a pack, Lana stands out as the most confident and outgoing, The first to run to greet you, the earliest tail wag, and the leader in new environments Lana is ready to run, jump, play and enjoy being a puppy. 

Lana is ready for a fresh start, and to enjoy her puppyhood surrounded by a family dedicated to providing her with all the love and security a growing girl needs to thrive. 

Female, Cattle Dog mix

5 months old, 28lbs

Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date on flea preventatives 

Estimated to be a medium-large dog fully grown (45-60 lbs)

Mostly potty trained 

Will need basic puppy obedience and leash training 

Adoption Fee:$175