Meet Lacey!


Female, 3 month old puppy

Retriever Mix

Found abandoned in Coronado beach by the Del

Currently 10lbs, Estimate 45-60lbs fully grown

Spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated

Learning to walk on a leash, sleep in her kennel, and to be housebroken in her foster home

Will need additional training beyond the average puppy

Would do best in a household with no young children

Adoption Fee: $175


I promise you have never seen anything cuter. 

Lacey is a picture perfect puppy. A big ball of wobbly fluff with floppy ears and a face to die for, she’s making a solid case for being the most loveable puppy who has ever lived. 

Like a sour patch kid’s sweet-and-sour, Lacey balances her irresistibility with unbridled enthusiasm. Intelligent and mischievous, she needs a family who will work with her to learn appropriate boundaries in play, in addition to providing standard puppy training. 

Worth the effort, Lacey is a forever friend who will be by your side morning and night, and curl up in you lap when the day is done. Never a dull moment, she will play with you endlessly, and find ways to make every moment interesting. For the perfect family willing to invest in her, Lacey will make a diehard companion to keep you smiling day after day.