Sometimes we at PAWS like to see how a dog is going to adapt to home life.  That was the case with our Judd, the Puggle (Pug/Beagle), as he was a stray without a bit of history when he arrived at the Coronado Animal Care Facility.  So, last weekend, he traveled to the southern part of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park for a bit of a slumber party.

Judd was great!  He loved being in the car; he watched out the window for about a half an hour, then lay down nicely on the seat and went to sleep.  When we arrived, his ears perked up, his eyes darted and his nose twitched.  New sounds, new sights, new smells, cold and windy, all to his enjoyment.  He loved watching the squirrels and birds at the feeding station.  He wasn’t so sure about the coyotes howling at night, but then that is an eerie sound in the stillness.

Judd can walk until you drop and love every step.  He only got into the cholla cactus once, lifted his paw for me to remove it and avoided the little barbs ever after… a very smart decision, indeed.  Inside the house he was a perfect gentleman.  No potty accidents at all and he was fine when I left him alone for a few hours. Judd sniffed the company when they arrived, but then lay down and was polite the entire visit.  No barking. He is a bit of a beggar at the table and I have no doubt he could learn some new tricks, as he is very treat motivated. Judd liked to climb up in the recliner with me while I read, or sleep in his little bed right next to me while I napped.

Judd is a people dog: perfect for a single, couple or family to adopt.  And he is as gentle, cute and sweet as he can be. Please come meet our Judd; I know you will fall in love.

Editor’s note:  Judd is available for adoption at the Coronado Animal Care Facility.  For more info, please check out Judd’s bio.



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