Meet Josie!


Jack Russel Terrier Mix

Female, 10 Months Old, 22lbs

Turned in to PAWS by a Good Samaritan

Doing wonderful with potty and crate training in her foster home

New to leash walking but loves to be outside with her people 

High energy puppy that loves to run, jump and play

Will need a family willing to provide basic obedience training

Adoption fee: $175


Josie lives life at 100 percent.

This enthusiastic young pup loves as hard as she plays, and in both she goes all in.

Still growing into her legs, Josie zooms around the yard with perfect puppy clumsiness and puts an instant smile on the face of anyone watching her. When she tires, you will find her snuggled up with a chew toy beneath the feet of her favorite people, waiting for a refreshing cuddle before she starts all over again.

When Josie came to PAWS she had no training but, with the support of her wonderful foster parents, Josie is mastering potty training and sleeping through the night in her crate. Josie is ready to find her home, and to bring silliness, adoration and sunshine into her forever family’s life.

Color Code: Orange

This dog is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people. The definition of outgoing, orange dogs can be described as bubbly, vibrant, and enthusiastic. An orange dog is an instant best friend!