jordan a dmh cat for adoption calls for people to come visit him

While we were visiting with Jordan at the shelter the other day, he had a lot to say and we told him we would share his thoughts with all of you. If you understand Meow Tongue you can watch the video below and hear for yourself what Jordan had to say.

First of all, Jordan wants everyone to know what a very cool cat he is (and we agree!). Handsome, intelligent, social, interactive, playful – what more could you ask for in a feline companion?

Next, he wants you to know that this whole urinary crystal issue is just a minor inconvenience. He feels great, has no issues and doesn’t understand why some people make such a big deal of it.

He doesn’t necessarily love the prescription diet food he needs to eat in order to dissolve any crystals in his urine, but he understands that he needs to be fed that food in order to stay healthy. We explained to him about the food and will go into greater detail later in this article.

This is big!

What he wants to announce is that PAWS has enrolled him in their lifetime medical care program for his crystal issue. This means that PAWS will pay for his prescription food and modest follow up visits with a vet to see how the crystal situation is doing. We are hoping this removes any obstacle to someone adopting him.

Jordan was afraid that people were scared off by the cost of the food and he is ecstatic that PAWS is doing this for him and his new family.

About the food

As we explained to Jordan, he may not always have to eat this prescription food. The diet he is on, Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care, helps to dissolve the crystals in his urine. If future urinalyses show that there are no more crystals in his urine, he can switch to the Purina line of non-prescription cat food for urinary tract health. This food does not dissolve crystals; rather it helps maintain the cat’s urinary health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium. This helps prevent crystal formation. Of course a change like this needs to be under the guidance of the veterinarian.

So, Jordan’s bottom line is: come meet me, fall in love with me and adopt me into your family!


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