Upon arrival at the Coronado Animal Care Facility

Upon arrival at the Coronado Animal Care Facility

A Good Samaritan brought Haiku, a precious six-year-old Chihuahua/Beagle mix, to a large animal rescue facility in San Diego.  She had very little muscle mass and was severely emaciated.  Upon arrival, Haiku weighed seven pounds, which is five pounds less than normal.  PAWS of Coronado agreed to transfer her to the Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF), feeling that the CACF staff and our volunteers could give Haiku the extra time and care she needs to recover her health.  Haiku has now been at the CACF for nearly two months and has come out of her shell enough to enjoy the love and attention we give her.  And, she is up to almost ten pounds, so she only needs to gain two more.  Haiku can be found most days sitting in the front reception area at the CACF, greeting visitors and snuggling in the arms of the front desk volunteers.

Haiku has serious dental problems, still needs to be spayed and has a heart murmur (grade 2-3, possibly exacerbated by her dental disease).  Before she can undergo the medical procedures that she needs, our veterinarian feels she needs to gain weight.  We all love Haiku, but while she is at the CACF we can only spend time with her between 8:00am – 4:30pm daily.  She is alone every night.

We feel Haiku would thrive if she lived in a foster home for the next few months.  She does not like being alone so a foster where someone is home most of the time would suit her best.  Haiku can be fearful of other dogs unless they are small and calm, so a home where she is the only pet would be ideal.  Haiku is house trained, knows some commands and loves to go for short walks.

Basically, we are asking you to fall in love with this sweet girl and foster her until she is medically ready for adoption.  We bet her soulful eyes will steal your heart.  We don’t know what happened to Haiku or why she was so neglected, but she has not lost her gentle spirit and love for people.

As with all PAWS fostering opportunities, we will cover all expenses: food, medical care, bedding, toys, her little jackets, etc.  All you need to supply is love!   Come meet Haiku today at the CACF, she deserves a loving home.

The Coronado Animal Care Facility is open 9:00-11:30am and 12:30-4:00pm daily, except major holidays.  It is located at 1395 First Street, at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex.

If you are interested in a fostering/adopting Haiku, please complete the PAWS dog adoption application so we can learn more about you.  The application is available online or you can complete it at the CACF.  If you have questions regarding Haiku or want to set up an appointment to meet her, please contact Karen Dwinell at the CACF (619-522-7371).

Update:  2/23/19… Haiku has been adopted!


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