Meet Harper!


Female, 2 Years Old

German Shepherd, 60lbs, fully grown

Suffers from Hip Dysplasia and will require medical support throughout her life

Recovering well from FHO surgery to restore mobility in her left leg

Training to walk on a treamill

Spayed, Vaccinated, Microchipped

Treat Enthusiast

Adoption Fee: $125


A Shepherd through and through, Harper is a testament to the devotion and loyalty her breed show the ones they love. While it will take a bit of time to form a bond with her, when Harper is around “her” people, she is sweet, affectionate, inquisitive, and downright adorable.

With an unmatched passion for treats and a shepherd’s intellect, Harper is quick to learn and has so much potential to grow with the right forever family.

While she is a perfect example of her breeds finest qualities, she also suffers from one of their most common medical conditions. Harper has advanced hip dysplasia, has already undergone a surgery with PAWS to restore mobility in one of her legs, and will need support with managing the condition and its progression as she ages.

Harper is a stark reminder to us all of the suffering that can be prevented through the spay and neuter of our pets; she has already had her own puppies who will likely suffer from the same condition. She highlights the dangers of irresponsible breeding, but she also illustrates the power of rescue, the impact of a human’s love, and the joy in a second chance.

For the family who will support Harper’s medical future, her companionship will be second to none.