Meet Harper

Presley arrived at PAWS when she was just over 6 months old. She was already a large puppy and had been heartbreakingly neglected when it came to both love and training; since day one at PAWS our team has come together to shower Presley with both. 

In response to the friendship and affection we provide her, Presley responds with loyalty and light hearted goofiness. Absolutely elated at the sight of any of her favorite people, here Presley has found her first family. 

In response to the training we have provided her, first in a full time training program and now at PAWS, Presley is now comfortable walking in a gentle leader, waiting politely in doorways, constantly practicing relaxing in new environments, jogging on a treadmill, and making daily strides with her dog reactivity. 

Presley has come so far, but we are in a race against time. Time in a shelter, even one where she is adored and given all the resources we have available to her, is hard on a dog. Presley has now spent half of her life here, and while we will cry waiving goodbye when she finally rides off with her forever family, we know it is time. Presley needs you now. 

Female, 1 Year Old, Shepherd Mix

Large Dog, Mostly grown at 80lbs

PAWS will provide Presley and her adopters with continued training after her adoption

PAWS will provide Presley’s adopters with a treadmill if needed

Must be the only pet in her home

Would do best in a home with a secured yard or room for her to run

Loves to play fetch

Considers herself to be a lap dog