inga a purrfect feline study buddy is a tuxedo cat for adoption

We stopped by the Coronado Animal Care Facility to meet with the lovely Tuxedo cat Inga. We asked her thoughts about life at the shelter and becoming someone’s feline study buddy.

Miss Inga had this to say:

I like to keep an eye on the world around me. Every day I sit on my enclosed porch hoping you will find me. Now that school is in session, I long for those hours we will study together.

It will be my role to quietly sit next to you as you complete your homework.

When that math question stumps you, I’ll be there to give you a moment of pause and welcome any neck massage you might want to offer while you come up with the correct answer.

In the meantime, I have kittens to keep me busy. They are silly entertainment, and a welcome distraction from the real mission of “waiting for you”.

Fondly, Inga

We concluded that the traits that would make Inga a terrific feline study buddy are:

  • She will be there to help relieve stress with butterfly kisses and purrs.
  • She will offer her love and support and stay by your side while you study.
  • She is a good listener that you can run things by or practice those oral presentations on.
  • She will give you the quiet time you need to process things.
  • She will increase your motivation to get your homework done so you can spend time with her!

Doesn’t Inga sound like a purrfect study buddy? Come into the shelter to meet her to see for yourself what a great match she will be!

The Coronado Animal Care Facility is open daily between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (except major holidays) and is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex. Inga will be waiting!


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