paws of coronado feline study buddy greyson a cat for adoption

We were walking past Greyson’s cat community room at the Coronado Animal Care Facility and he called to us from his perch atop the cat tree. Of course we went right in to see what he wanted. It turns out he heard about the Adopt a Feline Study Buddy Campaign and he wanted to add his thoughts:

I’m trying out this new look. Since it was so successful for Grumpy Cat, I thought I might “borrow” the expression and see if I can make my millions.

Once I’m rich, I’ll need someone with good math skills to keep the finances straight. But if math isn’t your best subject, your expertise as an editor for my upcoming book might come in handy.

I am currently taking applications for serious candidates. As a matter of disclosure, I have a little secret. Just between us, I’m really a sweet guy. But don’t let “the cat out of the bag”. I’ve got a reputation to uphold.

Ready in Coronado, Greyson

Although Greyson doesn’t want us to spill the beans, we can’y help but tell you what a great guy he is – very interactive and attentive and he just loves being around people. Don’t let that grim expression fool you – come down to the Coronado Animal Care Facilty to meet Greyson and you will experience for yourself his affectionate, gentle ways.

The Coronado Animal Care Facility is open daily between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (except major holidays) and is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex. As Greyson said, he is ready!


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